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  • Shyamal Andakat,
    "Great examples of Global Community using GPT-4 to solve social problems"

    Shyamal Anadkat is a member of the GTM team at OpenAI, where he leads startup partnerships. Passionate about building products with a positive impact, he is dedicated to ensuring that general-purpose AI benefits humanity. With a background in computer engineering and computer science, Shyamal studied AI and entrepreneurship at Duke. He has mentored various AI startups and is currently on the advisory board of the Duke Artificial Intelligence Product Innovation program as part of the Pratt School of Engineering. A tech enthusiast, he is an On Deck fellow and a member of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. His experience covers various fields, such as human-computer interaction, robotics, data science, fintech, and software engineering.
  • Sandra Topic
    AI Advisor, TTTR, AWS
    "Responsible AI for climate action"
    Sandra is an IT Program Manager with a passion for using artificial intelligence (AI) for social impact. She is an avid supporter of finding new ways to use technology for good and is committed to promoting responsible AI development.
  • Maciej Cielecki,
    "Embrace the Fear: solving people's problems with the scariest technology of all time"
    CEO of 10Clouds, a fast-growing tech company based in Warsaw. With a background in computer science and a passion for artificial intelligence, he fearlessly embraces the potential of AI. Under Maciej's leadership, 10Clouds has gained recognition as a global leader in software development, with a diverse client base spanning multiple countries. Their work has been featured in renowned publications, and the company continues to thrive with a team of over 140 talented professionals.
  • Filip Styczyński
    "Identifying and Mitigating Risks of Generative AI-based products"
    Filip Styczyński is a problem-solver who applies his skills in product design. He specializes in working with startups, supporting them from product discovery to development. Professionally, he is interested in innovation, new technologies, and their impacts on work, people, and the environment. In the world of Generative AI, he investigates the business and ethical implications of this technology and ways to utilize it's potential.
  • Maria Parysz
    "How to upskill your staff to be GenAI-ready"

    Kaggle Days Creator and Community Leader (over 12 mln AI experts), CEO of LogicAI (AI
    technology company), CEO of Elephant AI (digital transformation and bestselling AI courses), Ph.D. Researcher in AI & AI book author.
    Founder of several successful AI companies (including winners of multiple international Data Science competitions).
    Ph.D. researcher at DCU, Ireland in AI and technology education.
    Part-time professor at Northeastern University and a visiting professor in Ireland, Poland, Kenya, Canada, and the US.
    Keynote speaker at several events, including Google Next in San Francisco, Gitex, and AI
    Everything in Dubai and other AI conferences in London, Tokyo, Paris, and Beijing.
  • Jacek Siadkowski
    Tech To The Rescue
    "Every Tech Company can change the world with Non-profits"
    A social entrepreneur who has been connecting technology and social actions for eight years now. He is the founder of Gerere – a digital agency that has accomplished over 80 projects for social organizations. Moreover, he is a co-founder of an online platform, the purpose of which is to organize employee volunteering for an incubation program creating social innovations. He is one of 30 young Poles who, according to Forbes, are changing the world. In Tech To The Rescue, he connects all of his previous experiences together in order to build a genuinely global organization.

    Jacek Siadkowski has also been recognized as LinkedIn Top Voice and has received the prestigious title of Ashoka Fellow.
  • Adrian Gwoździej
    "Przygotowywanie danych w języku polskim w celu tworzenia dużych modeli językowych"
    A dedicated Machine Learning Engineer, specializing in crafting artificial intelligence solutions for both the cybersecurity (BTC) and banking sector (Bank Pekao S.A.). With a deep passion for artificial intelligence, he devotes his free time to actively contribute to the Speakleash project. This initiative aims to gather high-quality textual data, with the end goal of developing comprehensive language models.


  • Sandra Topic
    Tech To The Rescue
    AI advisor
    Sandra is an IT Program Manager with a passion for using artificial intelligence (AI) for social impact. She is an avid supporter of finding new ways to use technology for good and committed to promoting responsible AI development.
  • Santiago Mendez
    Head of Philanthropy
    20+ years of working experience in the private sector, currently in charge of Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility for Lenovo in EMEA. Slovak by heart, Colombian by blood and wannabe activist working for a more inclusive and tolerant society.
  • Mateusz Kobos
    ML Engineer
    Mateusz Kobos graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology and obtained a Ph.D. in Machine Learning from the Polish Academy of Sciences. He has worked as an academic teacher, big data software developer, data scientist, and machine learning engineer. He is interested in good data science project practices and solving data-based problems using appropriate tools.
  • Emily Miller
    Sr Impact Fund Manager
    Emily Miller is a social entrepreneur, combat veteran, and LGBTQ advocate. She currently leads the Impact Fund for Twilio.org, managing grants and impact investments. Emily is co-founder of Rumi Spice, an award-winning social enterprise that imports premium saffron directly from Afghan farmers. Rumi Spice was featured on Shark Tank. Previously, Emily served as a Captain in the U.S. Army. She led an engineer platoon in Iraq and served on two deployments to Afghanistan with 75th Ranger Regiment as one of the first women with all-male Special Operations teams. She received her MBA from Harvard Business School and her Bachelor's from the United States Military Academy at West Point.
  • Magdalena Skowronek
    Said Business School, University of Oxford
    Psychologist in AI
    I am the first psychologist and social researcher studying Artificial Intelligence for Business at Said Business School, University of Oxford. I aim to educate society about AI, explain what the future holds, what should we prepare for, and what skills are necessary to learn, so that instead of being replaced by AI - we can collaborate with it and improve our skills and capabilities.

    I am researching the impact of artificial intelligence on society, aiming to prevent the development of anxiety, depression, and burnout associated with the AI era. I prepare employees for the coming changes through practical AI education, career counseling and psychological support.

  • Maciej Zięba
    AI Researcher
    Maciej Zięba received a master's degree in computer science from the Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden, and a master's degree in economics and a Ph.D. degree in computer science from the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. He is currently an AI researcher with Tooploox and an associate professor with the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. He co-authored several research papers published in significant journals and presented at the top ML conferences, including NeurIPS, ICLR, and ICML. His research interests include deep learning, especially generative models, and representation learning.
  • Konrad Kolasa
    Principal Product Designer
    Konrad Kolasa is a Principal Product Designer specializing in digital products with a rich background encompassing various industries, including healthcare, gaming, e-commerce, and others. From ideation to execution, Konrad leverages his multidisciplinary skill set to create intuitive and engaging designs. Passionate about making a meaningful impact through his work, he consistently strives to push boundaries and elevate the standard of digital experiences, delivering innovative solutions that align with both user needs and business objectives.
  • Marek Wituszynski
    Product Engineer (Generative AI)
    Marek Wituszynski is a forward-thinking product manager with a rich background in software engineering. His unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen allows him to quickly validate and pivot ideas, ensuring that only the most impactful and feasible concepts are pursued. Marek's experience extends to creating web services, having successfully implemented Stable Diffusion, Dreambooth, LLMs, and Text-to-Speech technologies in past projects. An advocate for leveraging
    technology to solve complex problems.
  • Filip Styczyński
    Product Designer
    Filip Styczyński is a problem-solver who applies his skills in product design. He specializes in working with startups, supporting them from product discovery to development. Professionally, he is interested in innovation, new technologies, and their impacts on work, people, and the environment. In the world of Generative AI, he investigates the business and ethical implications of this technology and ways to utilize it's potential.
  • Adam Szummer
    Data Science Lead
    He has been working on the IT market for over 10 years. He gained experience by implementing automation and AI projects in many industries such as telecommunications, insurance and banking in over 20 countries on 3 continents. Speaker at conferences such as BPM Summit, ML Data Science Summit or Kozminski University in Warsaw. He graduated from both the technical field of Electronics and Information Technology: Informatics in Medicine and business at Clark University of Massachussets. This year he also completed the Master of Computer Vision research program at the Computer Vision Center in Barcelona. On a daily basis, I carry out projects in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Paweł Dettlaff
    Tooploox Backend Engineer
    Paweł Dettlaff is a Backend Engineer and Tech Lead with a strong background in software architecture, event-driven systems, and reactive microsystems. New to the Generative AI world but fascinated with the possibilities of this exciting technology.
  • Patryk Mroczyński
    Python Backend Developer
    Patryk Mroczyński is a skilled Python Backend Developer with experience in implementing robust web applications. Proficient in utilizing Python frameworks and libraries. Patryk is adept at collaborating with cross-functional teams and possesses excellent problem-solving abilities, ensuring the delivery of high-quality software solutions.
  • Ivona Tautkute - Rustecka
    AI Engineer & Researcher
    Ivona Tautkute - Rustecka is an AI Engineer & Researcher focusing on Computer Vision. She holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Warsaw and a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. The topic of her doctoral thesis is “Artificial neural networks for multimodal data embeddings and Classification”. Currently, Ivona works as a Tech Lead and Senior AI Engineer at a software company Tooploox. Her expertise includes image recognition, object detection, object segmentation, 3D data analysis, time series prediction, and generative adversarial networks.
    She has published her research at major AI/ML conferences and journals, such as CVPR, IEEE Access, and ICONIP, and has presented her work at technology conferences in Los Angeles, New York, Lausanne, Prague, Salt Lake City, and more. Ivona is also a prominent AI artist, working with photography and GANs. Her works are exhibited at galleries worldwide and were recently sold at a prestigious auction house Sotheby's, in New York.
  • Weronika Grzeda
    Lenovo HPC sysadmin 
    I'm a very experienced sysadmin/Deploy engineer moving slowly into technical account manager roles  I implement, configure and support supercomputer solutions made by Lenovo. My customers are on the top500 list. The current AI craze is throwing me at new and new challenges with more and more people wanting Nvidia hardware and HPC solutions  Most programming I do nowadays is python scripting of various rest APIs and autoconfigs in bash, but I know C from my student times.
    I'm originally from Kielce, Poland. Spent most of my life there before coming out as trans and moving to Amsterdam to live a normal life
  • Kasia Gola
    GeekGoesChic | WEARFITS
    Founder, CEO | Industry Advisor
    Kasia Gola (founder at GeekGoesChic, Industry Advisor at WEARFITS) - researcher, analyst and strategist of new technologies and marketing in fashion. She graduated in Sociology at the AGH University of Science and Technology. Founder and creator of GeekGoesChic - where she connects the fashion industry with new technologies. Nominated for the Glamour Woman of the Year Award in the category "Online" and to Central European Startup Awards in the category "Diversity role model". Initiator and organizer of fashion and technology meetups - GGC Fash&Tech as well as GGC LAB - fashion tech hackathon. Industry advisor at WEARFITS. Lecturer at AGH and Lazarski University.
  • Boğaçhan Arslan
    Youth For Good (Org) / MaestroHub (Company)
    Software Developer @ MaestroHub
    Impact Hacker as part of the Youth For Good community, a collective for the new generation and the old to unite around the controversies of the modern world, incorporating the overlooked issues in topics like equal opportunity, sustainability, climate crisis, and jobs for the future. Computer Science graduate, minor in Decision & Behavior. Professionally working as a software engineer at MaestroHub, an Industry 4.0 data solutions provider startup. Other interests: cognitive psychology, clean tech, startup ecosystems.
  • Andrea Rodriguez
    Everyday Robots
    Chief of Staff
    Andrea has over 15 years of experience in Chief of Staff, Business Manager, and Product CFO roles in the Consulting, Financial Services, Tech and Robotics industries. In her latest role, she was the Chief of Staff at Everyday Robots, a moonshot within X (Google LLC).
  • Maciej Cielecki
    CEO / AI Service Line Owner
    Maciej Cielecki is the CEO of 10Clouds, a fast-growing tech company based in Warsaw. With a background in computer science and a passion for artificial intelligence, he fearlessly embraces the potential of AI. Under Maciej's leadership, 10Clouds has gained recognition as a global leader in software development, with a diverse client base spanning multiple countries. Their work has been featured in renowned publications, and the company continues to thrive with a team of over 140 talented professionals.
  • Michał Burzyński
    Foundation Projektujemy Polskę
    on behalf of Demokracja Przyszłości
    As teenager I started working as profesional for small companies, where I construct websites, and graphic design.
    In 2021 I have finished UX/UI training, and also work on our best project - pro social and pro civic web application “Projektujemy Polskę” (We designing Poland). In April 2023 I started become a president of Foundation.
  • Rafał Stybliński
    Fundacja Demokracja Przyszłości (Future Democracy Foundation)
    I graduated with a degree in computer science from the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. I have been working as a C# .NET software developer for about ten years, while I gained experience in Poland and the UK. In November 2021, the Future Democracy Foundation, of which I am the founder and president, was registered.
  • Przemek Chojecki
    AI strategist, PhD in mathematics, former Research Fellow at Oxford, Forbes 30 under 30
  • Joëlle Spahni
    Head AsyLex Global
    After completing a Masters in Migration Studies and in International Law and Diplomacy, and working with asylum seekers and refugees in various countries such as France, Greece and South Africa, I started working for AsyLex. AsyLex is an online legal advisory service for refugees and asylum seekers. We work with different online solutions to make our advice and representation more efficient by ensuring the highest quality. Within AsyLex, I head the international department where, among others, we litigate on behalf of our clients who have experienced serious human rights violations at the international level.
  • Khiah Strachan
    EUCAP - European Council of Autistic People
    Merit Mentor
    I’m an autistic individual that graduated in 2021 with an MSc in Autism Research. Currently, I am working on the EUCAP AIRA (artificial intelligence and the rights of autistic people) project.
  • Bruno Fonseca Pacheco
    Delivery Hero
    Senior DE&I specialist
    Bruno is an accomplished communications professional who excels in developing and executing comprehensive internal communication strategies. He joined Delivery Hero in 2021 and since then worked in Corporate Communications, People Systems and, most recently, as Senior Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Specialist.
  • Sara Rocha
    European Council of Autistic People
    Member of Executive Board
    Sara Rocha is part of the European Council of Autistic People Board and their representative in the European Disability Forum's Women's Committee, and co-founder and President of Associação Portuguesa Voz do Autista, in Portugal. She has a degree in Biomedical Sciences and a MSc in Healthcare management and Economics. She is an expert in healthcare data and public health information and works as a Data Manager for the School of Clinical Medicine in the University of Cambridge. Sara has been involved with several European and international campaigns, trainings and projects in Autism and Disability.
  • Heta Pukki
    European Council of Autistic People
    Heta Pukki is an autistic woman diagnosed in adulthood, and the mother of two neurodivergent daughters. She has been involved in autistic advocacy and peer support in many different roles, both volunteer and professional, in Finland and internationally, for the past 25 years. She has studied biology at the University of Helsinki and special education for autistic adults at the University of Birmingham. She is currently the President of the umbrella organisation European Council of Autistic People (EUCAP). Having engaged with the autistic righs movement this long, Heta has encountered huge amounts of misinformation about autism and witnessed some of its devastating effects on heer peers.
  • Pawel Solyga
    Founder & CEO
    Pawel Solyga is the CEO of Tooploox, a tech company that provides state-of-the-art AI solutions for startups and enterprises. Over the last ten years grew the company to over 160 people building products for 100+ companies. He's a software engineer at heart, fascinated by the impact of Generative AI on our everyday lives. He worked with companies from the early to the growth stage at the intersection of user experience, technology, and business.
  • Tomasz Trzciński
    Chief Scientist
    Tomasz Trzciński is a Chief Scientist at Tooploox and an Associate Professor at Warsaw University of Technology, where he leads a Computer Vision Lab, and at Jagiellonian University of Cracow (GMUM). He is also a Computer Vision Group Leader at IDEAS NCBR, a publicly-funded Polish Center for AI. He was a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University in 2017 and at Nanyang Technological University in 2019. Previously, he worked at Google in 2013, Qualcomm in 2012 and Telefónica in 2010.
  • Philippe du Payrat
    Social Entrepreneur
    Philippe du Payrat is the founder of MaVoie.org a non-profit start-up supported by Google.org, and other major tech philanthropists (Tiktok, Linkedin...)

    Firm advocate for inclusivity and equality, he pledges himself to build the best orientation platform for young NEETs (Not in Education Employment or Training), through tech services and human support.

    Philippe earned a Master’s degree at ESCP business school and Le Wagon and has worked in key-positions for mobility scale-up (AramisAuto, unicorn acquired by Stellantis), food tech (La Ruche Qui Dit Oui !) and as a freelancer and operating partner for a variety of seed/series A start-ups.
  • Nisha Kadaba
    Sr. Manager, Global Social Impact
    Nisha Kadaba is a Social Impact leader with deep experience working across the nonprofit, social enterprise and corporate sectors. She is currently at PagerDuty, where she architects strategic programs to mobilize core company assets - technology, people, funding, and voice - to accelerate the impact of mission-driven organizations. Prior to PagerDuty, she led social impact at Playmob, a tech-for-good start-up that harnesses the power of games to educate and drive positive change. Nisha’s passionate about building cross-sector partnerships and initiatives at the intersections of technology, business, and social impact that address global challenges and build sustainable livelihoods.
  • Anna Podsiadly
    Future Democracy
    UI/UX Designer
    I work as a UI/UX designer at Together and as a UI designer at Foundation Future Democracy. With a passion for creating intuitive and visually appealing user experiences, I bring a blend of creativity and functionality to my design work. I strive to understand the needs and preferences of users, translating them into user-friendly interfaces that enhance their overall experience. By combining my expertise in UI and UX design, I aim to contribute to the development of innovative and impactful digital solutions.
  • Filip Smrekar Apih
    B Lab
    Data Analyst
    I finished my Masters in Infomration management and am for the last year working in B Lab Europe as a Data Analyst and Product coordinator.
  • Celeste Bronzetti
    My name is Celeste, I'm italian and I moved to France 12 years ago. Today I live between two towns, Paris and Marseille, and try to get the best of them : sea, culture, urban life and nature.
    With a with a degree in humanities, I discovered the digital world during my first experiences and search for the connection between these two worlds. I found it in the product management : today I try to use my empathy to deeply understand the wants and needs of individuals and I love the idea of shaping digital experiences to meet people's needs and desires.
  • Virginie Gretz
    25 years experience in tech and Finance at Ubisoft, Google, entrepreneurship and impact investing.

    Member of Share-it.io's board and Member of Investir&+ investment committees.
  • Fermin Selva
    Program Coordinator

    Born in La Plata, Argentina, I, Fermín Selva, discovered my passion for International Relations and Human Rights in high school. I returned to Buenos Aires for college to study my interests further. After graduation, I delved into Communications, Public Affairs, and Crisis Management, gaining valuable insight into the complex power dynamics between the private sector, Congress, and politicians. I found my way back to my true passion for International Relations and Human Rights through CRIES, applying my experience to seek solutions in these fields. Beyond my professional interests, I am a fervent football fan, supporting my local team Independiente and the Argentina National team.
  • Stan Amsellem
    Nextlevel.run( )
    I’ve been wearing various hats: software engineer (5y), engineering manager (2y), scrum master (1y), CEO (4y), freelance consultant (2y) (and I happened to be a filmmaker too, but that’s another story). Currently back being an entrepreneur trying to craft a new advanced learning experience for software engineers.
  • Andrei Serbin Pont
    International analyst specializing in geopolitical intelligence, foreign policy, defense, security, and human rights. Expert in open-source intelligence analysis and technological resilience. Technical, technological, and methodological entrepreneur.

    Director of the regional thinktank CRIES (Coordinadora Regional de Investigaciones Económicas y Sociales), GPPAC Regional Representative (Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict) and Adjunct Director of Academic Journal Pensamiento Propio. CARI Consulting Member, Senior Fellow at the Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy, Fellow at the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies and columnist for Perfil.

  • Dominika Szaciłło
    Fundacja Uwaga Śmieciarka Jedzie
    Founder and President of the Board
    Dominika Szaciłło is an industrial designer, mother, and wife.
    In 2013, she created "Uwaga, śmieciarka jedzie" - a community where currently over 800,000 people proudly rescue items from ending up in the trash. Due to the significant natural growth of the initiative, she decided to establish the Uwaga Śmieciarka Jedzie Foundation. The goal of the foundation is to use the reach, community, and knowledge gained from running these groups to change the waste management system in Poland.
    She and her husband strive for food self-sufficiency and grow vegetables without chemicals or artificial fertilizers.
    She is a graduate of the PAWF School of Leaders and Ashoka Fellow.
  • El Mehdi Boumhicha
    Lead developer
    I love to solve problems and create solutions, my favorite hobby is the game of chess because it improves my strategic thinking and decision making while I'm having fun, I do also a lot of traveling to appease my curiosity to see new places, meet new people and discover cultures and different ways of thinking.
    I'm actually a full stack engineer at MaVoie, I'm loving the work with our Team, I'm always learning web skills and now my focus is on the framework Spring Boot and ReactJs.
  • Piotr Jaros
    4NGO on behalf of Future Democracy Foundation (Demokracja Przyszłości)
    Legal adviser, professionally connected with law and business consulting in the field of strategy, marketing and management of social economy entities and the third sector
  • Álvaro Pérez Amado
    Software Engineer
    Hello! My name is Alvaro Perez Amado and I am a software engineer based in A Coruña, Spain. I am passionate about developing high-quality software applications, ranging from small-scale projects to complex and interactive web applications.
    When I'm not coding, you'll find me exploring the great outdoors, practicing basketball, football, or traveling. I also enjoy creating designs and illustrations for my football team in my free time.
  • Lucia Schuler
    Product Manager
    I am a product manager and engineer and have worked previously as a strategy consultant. I am passionate about creating solutions that help people and make their lives easier, especially when those solutions involve technology.
  • Julian Kondej
    I specialize in UI and UX design for mobile and desktop applications. With over six years as a partner in we3studio, my expertise lies in crafting visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces and bridging the gap between design team members. I blend creativity with technical proficiency to deliver captivating and intuitive experiences.
  • Janne Nevalainen
    European Council of Autistic People
    Consulting Data Scientist
    Janne Nevalainen is a Data Scientist and ML engineer with focus on Python, NLP and deep learning. Masters in computer science from University of Helsinki, with specialization in algorithms, machine learning and data science. Did hes thesis on language models. Business college graduate. Experience in entrepreneurship on e-commerce, web services and usability.
  • Sergei Dubograev
    VP of Development
    Vice President of Development at Clutch. Former founder/CEO of Clowder Inc. Development & Product executive that focuses on aligning the business objectives and goals with engineering implementation. Sergei works closely with product leadership and other cross-functional teams to collaborate on new features and initiatives.
  • Jonathan Silva
    B Lab
    Senior Software Engineering Manager
    Engineering lead of a non-profit organization who is enabling companies to change the world.
  • Małgorzata Mrówka
    Uwaga Śmieciarka Jedzie
    Involved in Uwaga Śmieciarka Jedzie. Trying to save as many things as possible. Beliving 'trash' can be precious.
  • João Góis
    B Lab Europe
    Senior Certification Coordinator
    João is a technology enthusiast who enjoys tackling challenges from a creative and innovative lenses. Currently, he's a Senior Certification Coordinator at B Lab Europe, advocating for ethical business practices and impact driven synergies. With a background in digital communication and project management, he's honed his strategy development and leadership skills, now applying them to responsible business. Always ready to connect with professionals who value ethical, innovative business solutions, he welcomes collaboration and idea exchange for a better world.
  • Adam Bondarowicz
    Web presence is my area of interest since 2004. It's a constant journey to find better ways for people and technology to interact.
  • Sofia Molina
    Programs Assistant
    Hello everyone! I'm Sofia Molina, an International Relations student in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    As a Project Assistant for CRIES, I've gained valuable experience in helping with the coordination of several project.
    I'm excited to be part of this hackathon, where I hope to leverage technology to address global challenges and make a positive impact specially on turning the tide on the protection of the human rights of indigenous communities in South America .
    Let's work together and create innovative solutions! Thank you and see you soon!
  • Marcin Bruszewski
    Zwolnieni z Teorii
    Vice president & co-founder of the Zwolnieni z Teorii Foundation.
    Honored, among others, on the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe list. Graduate of the University of Warsaw and Universität St. Gallen in Switzerland.
  • Adrian Gwoździej
    BTC & Bank Pekao S.A.
    Senior Data Scientist
    A dedicated Machine Learning Engineer, specializing in crafting artificial intelligence solutions for both the cybersecurity (BTC) and banking sector (Bank Pekao S.A.). With a deep passion for artificial intelligence, Actively contribute to the Speakleash project. This initiative aims to gather high-quality textual data, with the end goal of developing comprehensive language models.
  • Susan Nesbitt
    Director, Social Impact Products & Partnership
    Susan Nesbitt was most recently Director, Social Impact Products & Partnerships at WhatsApp. In this role, they led strategy development and execution for programs and partnerships across areas such as crisis response and preparedness, health, education, policy programs and enabling NGO impact at scale.
    Previously with the World Economic Forum, Susan led their Frontier Technologies portfolio and global start-up communities including: the Tech Pioneers, Global Innovators and Unicorns. They were also the Partnership Lead and Board Member for the Obama Administration’s Service and Volunteering initiative. More: https://www.linkedin.com/in/snesbitt/
  • Michele Bradley
    B Lab
    Data Analyst
    I'm a Senior Data Analyst on the Insights Team at B Lab Global
  • Maria Filipkowska
    Data Analyst
    Here I am: an analytical mind passionate in language and science (and a devoted teammate). I did PhD in humanities and completed computer science courses, as well as Data Science training at SDA and NLP Specialization on Coursera. While my job position is Senior Editor, recently I used to support AI team in my company with NLP initiatives, and now I work as a volunteer NLP data analyst in SpeakLeash, an Open Science project. My experience in both, language and programming, allows me to see the big picture in NLP and ask questions right to the point (and listen to the answers carefully).
  • Marta Ciastoch
    UNAWEZA Foundation
    Project Manager
    Coordinator of the Young Heads (MŁODE GŁOWY) project at the UNAWEZA Foundation, previously for 15 years I worked as a journalist and editor of, among others, in TVN, TVP, Newsweek and Noizz.pl.
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